441.375 MHz (+) PL 123.0 Hz

Salem Repeater



This repeater is a GE Mastr II Base Station running 30 watts out to a Decibel Products DB-420 (9.2dbd gain) antenna at the top of a 125 foot tower. It is located a few miles SW of Salem, Oregon at 1200 feet. This repeater has a "frequency adgile "REMOTE BASE", giving the ability to "link" other repeaters (in range) or simplex frequencies on; 2 meters, 1.2 meters, or 70CM.

This Repeater is Solar Charged Battery Powered. If battery power gets low it can become unlinked from the system, or turn itself off until the batteries become recharged.

The best coverage area is Salem / Corvallis..., but it will reach North to Portland, South past Eugene, East to Mt. Jefferson, and West toward the Coast. High power mobiles have worked this repeater from Newport on the Oregon Coast.

Here are some PICTURES from the site.

Here is a plot that estimates the Maximum Coverage Area of the 441.375 repeater.

This repeater is usually linked to FIVE other repeaters:
145.370 --------Vancouver WA. repeater
224.640 --------Vancouver WA. repeater
440.375 ----------Longview WA. repeater
442.375 --------Vancouver WA. repeater
444.875 ------------Randle WA. repeater

For more information about repeater access, or remote base (linking the repeater to another frequency), or etc. email

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