440.375 MHz(+) PL 123.0 Hz

Longview Repeater



This repeater is a GE Mastr II Base Station running 85 watts out to a Decibel Products DB-420 (9.2dbd gain) antenna 80 feet above ground. It is located a few miles from downtown Longview at 1200 feet. This repeater has a "frequency adgile "REMOTE BASE", giving the ability to "link" other repeaters or simplex frequencies on; 2 meters, 1.2CM, or 70CM...

The best coverage area is Longview / Kelso area (Woodland, Wa to Castle Rock, Wa.) With a high power mobile it can be accessed from Chehalis to Portland, and Mount St. Helens to the Coast.

Here are some PICTURES from the site.

Here is a plot that estimates the Maximun Coverage Area of the 440.375 repeater.

This repeater is usually linked to FIVE other repeaters:
145.370 -------Vancouver WA. repeater
224.640 -------Vancouver WA. repeater
441.375 -------------Salem OR. repeater
442.375 -------Vancouver WA. repeater
444.875 -----------Randle WA. repeater

For more information about repeater access, or remote base (linking the repeater to another frequency), or etc... email

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