444.875+ 100Hz pl tone

AB7F --- Randle Repeater




Here are some pictures taken from the Randle Site. Click on the picture for enlarged view.

This is the repeater. GE Mastr II, Sinclair duplexer, 2meter, 220, & 440 remote base, with (2 meter & 220MHz 100 watt amps).

Here is a view of the GE Mastr II with the radio door opened up

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens in July. You can see Windy Ridge which is near Spirit Lake.

Here is a picture of Mt Rainier sent with SSTV thru the repeater, as viewed from our camara mounted on the tower.

Here is Frank W7PWP, a local HAM from Randle who helps maintain the repeater.

View of Mt. Rainier in October 1998.

Here is a ZOOMED in picture of Mt. Hood over 70 miles away. On a clear day!.

The Goat Rock Mountains in July.

In the distance is Silver Star Mountain 50 miles away. It is 20 miles East of Vancouver Wa.


Here are PLOT#1 PLOT#2 and PLOT#3 showing the access area for the 444.875 - Randle Repeater.


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